Venture Challenge for AIV students, PhDs, and alumni

On 16.3. we are going to launch the next Venture Challenge – an online coaching program for students pursuing entrepreneurial projects. We are proud to welcome a series of outstanding entrepreneurs and experts, starting with Fabienne Hartmann-Fritsch, an ETH alumnus and #1 winner of the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Awards. Find more infos on

Here’s the promotion on social media:
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The program is free of charge; it’s a pure pro-bono activity for students. Venturelab is a partner of Innosuisse – Swiss Innovation Agency. We have been running this program for several years, welcoming many ETH spin-offs, for example Sevensense Robotics and CareerLunch. 
It you think it’s of interest for your members to apply, we’d appreciate if you share it. Below, you can also find a visual for promotion. If anyone has questions, please reach out and contact VentureLab.